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How to refuel the air compressor? What precautions?

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Air compressor oil is indispensable for the operation of screw air compressors, just like a car cannot be without oil, and fish cannot be separated from water. Screw air compressors are widely used in many industries, and their corresponding air compressor oils have higher quality requirements. Therefore, in many cases, professional oils can better meet the requirements of such compressors, making the compressor in the working process. Improve the corresponding efficiency.

If you want to ensure the normal operation of the screw air compressor, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to check the air compressor oil in the machine regularly. If you need to add new air compressor oil, you must add it in time.

In the operating state of the air compressor, the oil level of the air compressor should be kept between the two red lines of the oil level sight glass (the pointer of the pointer oil level gauge is in the green position). More oil will affect the separation effect, and less oil will affect For the lubrication and cooling performance of the machine, during the oil change interval, if the oil level is lower than the minimum oil level, the lubricating oil should be added in time.

Replenishment method:

Stop the compressor.

Disconnect the compressor air outlet pipe from the air pipe network, and drain the pressure inside the air compressor.

Cut off the power supply and disconnect the compressor from the main power supply.

After ensuring that the machine has no internal pressure, open the oil filler port on the oil tank and add a proper amount of lubricating oil to the oil tank.

Screw on the screw plug and wait for 3-5 minutes. Observe the oil mark, the oil level should be kept between the two red lines of the oil level sight glass.

Fill in the refueling record.


Oil replenishment must be carried out when the machine is stopped and without internal pressure.

Lubricants of different brands and different manufacturers cannot be mixed.