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What should be paid attention to when parking an oil-free air compressor for a long time!

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What should be paid attention to when parking an oil-free air compressor for a long time? First of all, we must understand what an oil-free air compressor is. The device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually an electric motor) into gas pressure energy is a pressure generating device of compressed air. The material of the oil-free air compressor does not contain oily substances, and there is no need to add any lubricating oil during work. Therefore, the quality of the exhausted air is greatly improved, and the safety of the supporting equipment required by the user is also guaranteed, and it is avoided that the oil machine is used to the terminal. Contamination of equipment.

So the general way of shutting down during holidays

Before stopping the machine, open the manual drain valve of the intercooling and post-cooling. Drain the condensate completely (cooler, rotor water jacket, etc.);

Let the machine unload and run for 20 minutes;

10% of the air passes through the unloading valve-low pressure rotor-intercooling-high pressure rotor, exhaust muffler-blow-dry the remaining humid water vapor in the system.

Shut down after closing the cooling water inlet and outlet valve;

After the festival, start the machine according to the normal operation (Note: strictly follow the method provided by the manufacturer). What I want to explain here is that because each air compressor manufacturer includes production batches and models, there will be differences, so when the machine is parked for a long time or When you turn it on again, you need to check according to the method provided by the manufacturer, so as to avoid damage to the machine due to man-made problems, and even the manufacturer does not provide warranty.