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What are the daily maintenance of oil-free air compressors that need to be checked every week?

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We all know that air compressors will have problems after a long time, but we already know that there will be problems, so we usually need to maintain and protect them well. Micro-oil air compressors require the lubricating effect of air compressor lubricating oil. Compressed air contains oil, and the operation of oil-free air compressors does not require the addition of air compressor lubricating oil, which produces oil-free air. Generally, there are no special rules for industries to use air compressors. Here are some things to keep in mind about oil-free air compressors:

Oil-free air compressor weekly needs to view:

1. Recognition of oil level: check whether the oil level is within the scale range of the oil mark;

2. Recognition of the refrigerant temperature gauge of the dryer: see if it is within the green range;

3. Cleaning of oil and compressed air coolers;

4. Fill the oil consumption within the range of the oil scale;

5. Whether the dryer drains water on time;

6. Rules/times for the operation of the dryer fan.